About Austin

Meet “Austin Chambers”

Writer, Gunner’s Mate 2PO, DOD Civilian, HAM Radio Tech, Ex-FF/EMT, Student of the Gun, Prepper 

A Gulf War Veteran, I was staring 50 in the face, thinking about all those times I said, “I’m gonna write a book one day…” So I did. Then I wrote another. Then the Great Beer Virus Debacle of 2020 struck. As an asthmatic, I had the extreme blessing of being allowed to shelter at home (with paycheck) for three months. Whereas I SHOULD have been working on the last book in the trilogy, I was facing a creative roadblock in the plot, which I solved by starting a YouTube channel!


Then I figured out that tailoring my author newsletter to a YouTube prepping audience was a business mistake. Ergo, I split my online media, and now my websites, into being tailored toward two different purposes. All that said, I still consider the writing projects to be my priority passion over cranking out videos. Really, though, all of it—books, videos, and blog—serves as a method of me to teach people about preparedness. Aaaaannnd, it lets me network with some pretty cool cats, too!

I did finally finish that third book: it’s in post-production currently. I urge people to get prepared, not just physically, but mentally and Spiritually, too. Our Nation is in unprecedented trying times, and things will get rockier before they smooth out. Remember—Our Duty is to Be Ready!









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